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BKC Solicitors have years of experience in Personal Injury Claims. We deal in motor accident cases, Personal Injuries Assessment Board and product liability claims.

A Personal Injury Claim (definition) is any legal action taken to seek compensation for damages causes by the negligence of another party. Damages can include bodily injury, emotional distress and loss of earnings as a result of either of these two.

Most Personal Injury cases start with an application made to the Injuries Board (formerly the Personal Injuries Assessment Board). However, if the defendant does not consent to the Injuries Board assessing the claim or either party is unhappy with the award, cases are pursued through the courts.

Some common examples of claims include:
  • Car Accident Claims: Legal action is usually taken against the other party’s insurance company.
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Product Liability Claims
  • Medical Negligence Claims
  • Accidents causes by Slip or Trip
  • Industrial Disease Cases

The Injuries Board have compiled a set of estimates for different types of injuries. The Compensation Calculator is a summation of the current estimates as stated by the Injuries Board.

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