Audi and Volkswagen have confirmed some of the vehicles affected are Audi A4, Q5, Jetta, Beetle, Golf, Audi A3. Volkswagen have estimated that 3.6 million cars in Europe with 1.5 litre engines will require hardware changes in light of the diesel emissions scandal. You may have received a letter from Volkswagen recently advising you if your vehicle was part of the scandal.

We would advise before you agree to allow any inspection of your vehicle by Volkswagen or Audi Ireland, you should immediately seek legal advice, as you may be entitled to be compensated for any loss in value caused as a result of the negligence and breach of contract of the manufacturer. If this is the case you may have to get independent engineer to inspect your vehicle first.

BKC Solicitors will assist you with any legal advice and claim you may have against VW and we can also arrange for your vehicle to be independently inspected by Motor Engineer and we will seek the costs of that inspection from the Manufacturer. We will also get expert evidence for you with regard to any loss in value of your vehicle and will seek the costs of that loss from the Manufacturers along with any other costs and expenses you have incurred such as unnecessary car hire or loss of earnings.

Brian Burns Principal will take your call and discuss with you your course of action against VW. Brian has many years’ experience in Litigation and would be happy to assist you with your case.